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Intùiti helps you find new ideas, cure the blank page syndrome, and improve the way you express yourself.

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A deck for your Creativity

Intùiti is a pack of 78 cards that helps one to feel their creative capacity.

Intùiti proposes pointed suggestions, obtained from the analysis of classic tarots, which are a rich collection of archetypes. Each card is a channel toward a thinking model that belongs to our culture, a symbol that transports us into the world of unconscious and intuition, a spur that helps us to reach a state of inspiration.

Visual incentives + Tales

Intùiti gives you 78 visual incentives. The deck of cards comes with a booklet with some basic instructions and meanings. With each picture there is a corresponding evocative tale along with a short piece of advice, which intensifies the card’s sensation.

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Personal Growth

Intùiti becomes your personal tool for Creative Growth: it stays in your pocket and helps you learn how to improve yourself.

Idea Generation

Intùiti gives you pointed incentives that help you enhance your creative process during group or personal brainstorming.


Intùiti helps you to stay focused on the topics you are discussing with your colleagues and maximizes the outputs from every participant.

Primary Intùitis

These 22 cards represent archetypes related to the great moments of existence – for instance “The Beginning”, “The Role of Authority”, “The Crisis” etc. – and can help you see the big picture.

Secondary Intùitis

These 56 cards recall the four elements : Mind/Air, Hearth/Fire, Guts/Water, Feet/Earth. They can help you to understand what you should be focused on.

Intùiti @ TEDx

Matteo di Pascale, author of Intùiti, tells what he discovered about Creativity at the TEDx Unito 2016.

Matteo di Pascale is an Italian designer and writer who spent all his life working with Creativity.

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